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CSIRO to coworking space

In the 1960s the CSIRO constructed Building 2 on this site in industrial Collingwood. Within these walls, librarian Betty Doubleday oversaw document storage and the printing library.
On the ground floor, was the library store for the CSIRO (Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation), while there was a printing store on the first floor. Even today you can appreciate the scale of the structure, with its solid concrete walls and ceiling.

Betty Doubleday worked for the CSIRO from 1954 to 1973 and was their Chief Librarian for many years. Ms Doubleday initiated the printing of a number of regular publications, including the Australian Science Index and CSIRO Abstracts. She also provided her knowledge and expertise to many government departments.
Articulate and smart, Betty Doubleday made a significant contribution to both the CSIRO and the Australian community.

To recognise this, the honour of the OBE was conferred on Betty Doubleday in 1972. That is why we’ve named the downstairs coworking space the Doubleday Room.

The CSIRO moved out in the 1990s. The building has undergone several incarnations and, in its current undertaking, Wolveridge Architects have converted a portion of the original 'Building No.2' into a contemporary coworking space, combining the unique original features of the building with modern amenities.
“As soon as we entered the space, we could see its potential as a coworking venue. We’ve taken its mid-century origins and enhanced them with quality fittings and facilities, greenery and beautiful artwork. It’s a carefully considered space, perfect for anyone looking for a place to do business.”

Jerry Wolveridge / Architect

Jerry Wolveridge / Architect